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Ensuring Christmas tech gifts are adequately insured

Technological devices have become one of the most opened gifts on Christmas Day. In the run-up to the festive season, shoppers everywhere are purchasing gadgets for loved ones for Christmas. Thieves know this and are keen to get their hands on expensive new gadgets being piled under the Christmas tree in your homes. They are just as interested in these items after Christmas when they are flashed in public places such as pubs, restaurants, shops etc.

Research shows that the number of home burglaries taking place over Christmas has soared in recent years. From 2014 to 2016, the amount of home break-ins increased from 5,222 to 6,278.

In 2016, the number of burglaries taking place over the two-week Christmas period in Britain equated to 448 every day.

Data from the Governance, Public Safety and Justice Survey (GPSJS) 2018/19 shows during these years there were around 1.2 million incidences of theft of personal property, affecting around 2.5% of citizens in Britain aged 16 or older.

Ensuring tech gifts are insured

With people sporting brand new phones, tablets, laptops and other devices after Christmas Day, it’s important that their expensive new devices are adequately insured.

Relying on a home contents policy to cover devices stolen from outside the home could lead to disappointment, as such policies typically cover items inside the home, such as TVs and PCs and not those taken outside of the property.

Only when specified within the schedule, are the likes of laptops and mobile phones are covered for lost, damage or theft when taken outside the home.

It is therefore important people properly investigate their home contents insurance policies to determine what exactly is covered in terms of taking high-tech devices away from the home.

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